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Handmade scented candles made from soy wax can provide a pleasant fragrance in your home and create a cozy atmosphere. They also make great gifts. However, it is important to remember to never leave candles unattended. A 20 cl candle made of soy wax can also be a natural and nice interior detail.

Welcome to our website, where we specialize in the art of creating hand-crafted eco-friendly candles.


Tanzanian cuisine. Join us on a delectable journey where we celebrate the rich flavors, exotic spices, and cultural heritage that make Tanzanian food truly unforgettable.

Sambosa, we are passionate about the mastery of a beloved Tanzanian snacks sambosa.

Similar to internationally renowned sambosa or empanadas, our sambosas are triangular pastries filled with a savory blend of ingredients that will delight your senses and leave a lasting impression on your plate.

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The the jar which can be reused as a flower pot when the candle has burned out.


Jambokula Candles

The scented candle is handmade and made with eco-friendly soy wax . It is also allergen-free, meaning it does not contain the 26 allergenic substances identified by the EU Cosmetics Directive. The humidity and drafts in the room can affect the candle’s longevity and scent spread. Soy wax is a more natural and environmentally friendly alternative to other waxes, as it is made from easily grown and renewable soybeans. It also does not contain animal products.

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