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Frequently asked questions

What materials are your candles made off?

Our candles are made with natural, hypoallergenic ingredients such as soy wax, and are scented with fragrances oils.

Do your candles contain any chemicals that can irritate the respiratory system?

No, our candles do not contain any known irritants or harmful chemicals. They are safe for people with asthma and allergies to use.

How long do your candles burn for?

The burn time of our candles depends on the size and type of candle, but on average our candles burn for around 45 hours.

Do you offer any eco-friendly packaging options?

Yes, we use recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials.

Do you have any wholesale options for reselling your candles?

Yes, we offer wholesale pricing for businesses and individuals interested in reselling our candles.

Do you offer any custom scents or sizes?

Yes, we do offer custom scents and sizes options. Please feel free to contact us with any special requests or inquires.

Looking for ways to repurpose your empty glass jar? We highly suggest upcycling it!

Here’s a handy trick for getting rid of any leftover wax: freeze the jar for at least 24 hours, then give it a firm tap on the bottom to release the wax. Once that’s done, wash away any lingering residue with mild soap and water.
Now you’re left with a chic glass container that can be used for storing makeup tools or even salt and other seasonings.